Application for 6 Months Bank Statement

Application for 6 Months Bank Statement

Application for 6 Months Bank Statement: With the help of this letter, you can easily ask your bank for all 6 months bank statement and get it. The purpose behind sending this letter is that you want to verify some specific transactions, which are mentioned in the letter.

6 Months Bank Statement Request Letter

The Branch Manager,
[Name of the Bank],
[Branch Name],

Respected Sir/Madam,

Subject- Request For 6 Months Bank Statement.

As part of the company’s routine review of its expenses, we would like to request a copy of the company’s bank statements from [date] to [date] as provided by your institution. This is to confirm that all transactions are in line with the company’s current policies and regulations.

See below the account details:

Account Name:            XXXXXX

Account number:         xxxxxxxx

There will be no record-keeping or tax obligations involved; this is only for our own internal review.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

[Your Name],

Application For Bank Statement For 6 Months

Dear [name],

Please provide me with six months’ worth of bank statements for [company name].

Account name:

Account Number:

Thank you very much.

Application For Last 6 Months Bank Statement

Dear [bank name],

Please send me 6 months of bank statements for the following accounts: [account name] and [account name].

Thank you very much in advance.

Application For Bank Statement Of Last 6 Months

I am writing in regards to a request for six months’ worth of bank statements for [company name], [account number]. I can be reached at [phone number] and my email address is [email].

Thank you very much.


The letter should provide information like your name, address and banks Details phone number. It should also include the particular period (date) you need to provide the six months bank statement by, the reason why the required details are being sought and the consequences of non compliance if any. 

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